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Hi folks,
So in this video I will breifly show you how to scan down the capsules which can be done from the onboard scanner. Once you have the data keys you will need to scan down the anomalies to run these sites. The ISK was poor for the sites have I did as show in the video. I may have been unlucky. – The hunt article

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  1. Lol, citation: " I am not particular good at scanning", yes.
    For those capsules, if you have one in D-Scan, immediately go down to 5 degrees, and scan all the plantes, gates, etc, in sight. (With 5 degrees cone), then mostly you will already know the right celestial. If there are more than 1 in your direction, then lower the range. Also, use the circular menu (hold mouse left click) on the map to scan in the direction of a celestial.

  2. I'm getting Carpel Tunnel just by looking at you press the "Scan" button manually while in Low Sec. Use the 'V' shortcut! Works even when you're in a different window (such as hacking).
    Cheers for the content!