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EVE’s unique in-game market is unprecedented in scale and degree of player control. It is the beating heart of New Eden. Players are responsible for the manufacture of almost everything you can buy or sell! Check out this video to learn the basics of trading in EVE.

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  1. No group bitches more than EvE players. Jesus yall are a bunch of spoiled brats. This is a good video. It's good they are doing this.

    It will help retain new players. Jesus, look beyond your immediate selfish needs….

  2. I remember the days when it cost only 300 mil to plex your account. Back then, it was worth paying for a years sub and get a few accounts rolling and get them to plex after. but now, you gotta buy the sub. sorry. but that is a FAILED business model. Thats why CCP no longer owns Eve Online.

    Seems to me, your "working as intended" model, has failed us all, because those who dont want to pay 15$ a month simply leave the game with a smile knowing Star Citizen is right around the corner and you dont have to pay per month. If they would only help to secure a meet in the middle grounds for players who either have tons of alts and provide a discount at least for alts, or balance SP Farming items thus plex … I can see Eve Online outlasting and maybe even directly competing with SC… seriously. Cause Eve is rather unique and has a rather niche playstyle. But that aside, I think its rather disappointing management at CCP has let Eve Online scrap the bottom like this. Its the bots, and the scammers, the serious ones I mean. ITs the toxic help community who troll for fun it seems. I get it though, I participated in all activities in Eve. But to live on it and like, kill the game for others? thats where I draw the line. Its nice to see Eve Online still dwindling downward. 🙂 If I were a serious gamer looking at Eve Online for the first time, Id take a look at Star Citizen instead. Eve Is rather run down and used up like a street whore. I know plenty of guys who like to play with women like that, but me, I not only disassiociate with those types of guys, but also the women as well. I mean, I deserve better CCP. and tbh, you are fucking everyone who plays, voluntarily of course. because we send you our money 🙂 No hard feelings here, Eve was like, the best game I ever played. buts thats just it,. WAS… and that was years ago. and its changed. and with that, I simply bring an honest review of Eve online. Its gone. Its sad. IT was great!!! but its shit now. SC is way more immersive, as a space explorer, … where eve is better for people with behavior and social issues. toxic mentalities. 🙂 Its trhives here. and that is all that EVe has to offer now.


  3. I don't understand wherever I go I watched people buying things in low price but sell price in market is higher than that. The question is if anybody want to buy anything in low price, the seller has to buy it lower than that to make profit. But the price is already higher than buy orders. Sell orders are always higher as I saw at every station. Now As I know Eve is all about players actions, then who is buying things at high price and selling it lower? And if I can buy something in low price by placing a buy order then why would I buy it in higher price from a station? I'm totally confused here and station trading in Eve is totally out of my reach. 😑😑

  4. i porpouse to you to not use market or use it, less as possible, it is veary easy way to get free perma ban, becouse ccp people have bot paranoya, and they evrywhere see bots and macros and perma ban normal people.

  5. Just remember to fill up your Hauler with very expensive goods when you exit Jita Station and to sit there at the exit for at least 10 seconds before you go somewhere else. This gives older members the opportunity to properly greet you and welcome you to the true eve.

  6. Trading isn't all it's cracked up to be. When the population of eve was high yet production was quite low in comparison, it was far easier to just buy things here and sell them there, or even do it form the same station, because demand was so high production couldn't keep up. The problem now is the player base isn't quite as high, and many more people are able to produce. So now you have a situation of higher production and lower demand in quite a lot of the industry, especially most things in ship production and medium/large/capital mods (the high volume of sale now is in cruiser and below ships/mods). Now also in the game is citadels and that means anybody trading from those stations have a huge advantage. If it costs you 250k to change a buy order in a NPC station it will cost somebody in a citidel half or less that price. This gives them a huge advantage over buy order margins and that translates into being able to sell things lower when it comes to it (they pay less on that too).

    What I am getting at is to make real money in eve trade you have to now have good production/trader skills as mandatory (researched bpos) and try to buy expensive/high update orders out of citadels or else you will lose to those that are doing that. You also have to see what is actually still selling well, and it isn't much.. it's a very narrow market now (aside from the corona lock down spike), and you may also be forced into T2 invention/production to spread out and increase turn over. Part of the issue also is that low demand can increase material prices so that you can't have cheap buy orders any more.. this means you can't produce very cheap and that you have to sell higher. This problem can be seen in the T2 market for some medium and most large goods. Because the price is so high and the demand is low (alpha accounts) T2 mods are barely worth it in most cases. I am not trying to put you off, just saying don't expect it to be easy and certainly understand that you stand a good chance of losing money even if you have a good understanding of the eve market and production lines.

    Production is a must to really get into steady trading (outside of plex trading etc). Because they produce they have wider margins and you won't compete with that unless it's a item that can be attained from places other than production. Jita may still have some room for trade that doesn't include production but it will likely include hauling or be in a market that is very volatile, like ore or salvage. You can buy into that market but then some guy can flood it with cheap materials that he mined or farmed in missions ''for free''. Obviously it's not free, it takes time to do that. You will see many sell orders like that, it's why production is a safer option as they can't easily flood the market that way with ''free'' items. My advice, only trade if you enjoy the process, don't expect to get rich and don't think it is anything close to ''passive income''. You will need the wholesale skill at-least, if you want to go all in, and you will be constantly monitoring and updating orders etc etc etc. That's before market manipulation tactics.

  7. When I started playing. I'd mine and sell ore on the market and make an instant profit. I assume things changed to prevent this cause now you gotta wait? Or did I just never understand what was going on? I started playing roughly a year or 2 ago.