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Are you thinking about giving Eve Online a try? Are you concerned because you don’t know what to expect? Then check out this video where I show you the new player experience of the game so you know exactly what it is that you are in for.

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In this series Hooked? – The New Player Experience in 2022 Glory plays the first few hours of Eve Online and then shows you everything that happens, the eve online gameplay, and then shares a pro and con list about the eve online new player experience to help you decide if this game might be for you. Eve Online is a community driven space MMO that was orginally released back in 2003

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  1. The “click and navigate” is just the basic, simplistic control, though it is also practically identical to, if more vivid and cinematic than, say a waypoint or town portal. You can pilot on manual in local space.

  2. There was an expansion a while back, the tech from another MMO they were making for vampire the masquerades, and stuck it in EVE to make the character creator, they also added walking in station which was basically a hotel room and a major failure.

  3. I played EVE for 5 years straight untill 2019, and it was hell of an experience however grinding was the worst part of it,
    -as you can tell (click to navigate) gets boring really fast and you will need to grind alot to fund your PVP addiction.
    -losing your ship and equipments upon death discourage you from investing expensive mods specially when you know you will be outnumbered if u fly anything shiny.
    -unless you're planning to join an alliance and make the game a 2nd job, you aren't even scratching the surface of warfare and industry in the game.