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CCP Torfifrans introducing the upcoming expansion EVE Online: Tyrannis aka Planetary Interaction.
This expansion will allow us, to survey deposites of minerals on planets and build infrastuctures to harvest them. Its all about Industry – no fighting there.

This Video is a part from last years Fanfest in Reykjavík. More infos to EVE Online: Tyrannis you will find in the DevBlog from CCP Torfifrans.


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  1. @EtuomasH i agree whit you wow lags like hell but eve has one server and it suprises me ALOT becos it has no lag it has like 50000 planets to conquer and build on eve is on nummber 1 of my mmo list i havent tryed it yet but i´m gonna 🙂

  2. @DreadAle Did you let the dev's know you were planning the fight? I do believe they asked the players to let them know so that they could essentially set aside a whole cluster just for that fight so that there would be no lag.

  3. @Cyric1983 They have in the past requested for major alliances to notify CCP of systems where fights are likely to occur so they can reinforce it during DT. However if the fight occurs outside of that system, it is for naught and we're only talking 400-500 people here, not the 1200 they have claimed to be able to handle (and have been able to handle, pre-Dominion).

  4. I've played this for more than 4 years and as an answer to ppl who says it doesnt lag, hell no! it lags as fuck in alliance battles and ccp just messing with game mechanics in every patch which makes this game more and more annoying. These are the reasons why i quit a year ago. Eve online will always stay in beta stage. nerf this, buff that, balance this, bla bla that… thats what they do every patch.

  5. @EtuomasH its not hard to make this game look good theres really not that much going on clouds and digital blemishes arent hard to make look good. flat surfaces an a ship aren't hard to make look good and reflections and like arent hard to make look good either not for an experienced developer. Eve has little tangible environment. You need to be able to board ships and take players ships or hotwire them or get out and walk around a station. some of this is coming and some of it we'll never see..

  6. CCP are pioneers and explorers within the MMO genre. To think they started EVE with less then 3000 players, me being one of them, and now over 300k Subs. I still remember the day we celebrated 3500 players online at peak… Back in the days where you have to manually orbit targets, and frigates could fire Cruise-missiles.