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Eve Online Hold’Em is Eve Online’s premiere poker service. We offer a range of games including Tournaments and Sit-n-go, for people with varied budgets. We have traded for over 4 years, and many people have walked away with winnings in the billions of ISK. Visit us at, where it’s never over until the river.

The extended trailer titled “War has come to Eve”, created by Kyoko Sakoda for the mmorpg “Eve Online”. For more information on the author, visit their channel. This video remains the property of Kyoko Sakoda, and has been published with authorisation.

HD Version available at:


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  1. The song is All Along the Watchtower, this rendition is by Bear McCreary but the song was originally written by Bob Dylan and was made popular in the 70's when Jimi Hendrix covered it. While I think this is by far the best rendition, the one by Jimi Hendrix is well worth listening to.

  2. This rendition of All Along the Watchtower by Bear McCreary is the best thing that came out of Battlestar Gallactica. What promised to be a great series quickly turned into a train wreck with no real direction. Who can forget the plan that wasn't?