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Eve Online: In this video I look at notable PVP conflicts across New Eden, major killmails and comment on changes that affect PVP gameplay. This week, I report on the big changes on the sovereignty map as the Imperium retakes it’s territories and PAPI speeds up it’s withdrawal plans, the reshuffling within coalitions and alliances, the continued conflict between FI.RE Coalition and Siege Green, an update on events taking place in Placid, Bomber’s Bar’s acknowledgement of an increase in targets, Shvo’s 1000th day in INIT celebration, details of the upcoming EVE NT pub meet in Nottingham and more..

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  1. Thank you for the very clear explanation of the current exit-from-Delve situation, and what's more thank you for highlighting the political dynamics in other regions. As a line member in one of the large coalitions I appreciate your neutral and informative view! Looking forward to future updates – the game goes on!

  2. Is the delve retreat the worst military blunder in eve history? or is it all a ruse and there is an epic 4d chess move in the works to get imperium to leave fortress delve to engage their super fleet lol highly unlikely but I think a nuts plan like that would be really cool.

  3. NEXT Time on Frost Ees OP EvE Weekly Update – Keepstar Killmails galore, Goons Swarm all over their old territory, Test run to drone lands with their tails between their legs and will CCP finally fix issues that players have complained about.

    Tune in NEXT time to find out.

  4. Fun to see I was at the very first battle of it all. Well we lured TEST back to vital logistical Titan point in Nosh. We had spies.

    Between 1/3 and 1/4 of their force was lured back because they had to defend and off it went in Delve, Goon victory.

    Max rally called, we were kept in the dark, 200 strong showed up, then hear fleet command say: TEST is target after the long standoff, you get that sudden feeling of what if this goes left?

  5. What is next for Eve Online
    – Will the Imperium arise from the ashes to urge the infidels?
    – Will the assaulting forces retrieve their assets?
    – Will the blue donut be formed under Imperial control with all oppositions glasses time and time again?
    Find out in the Next episode of Eve Online!

  6. Next? As in "Test is next"? The evac has been an absolute shambles really. With the leadership getting their supers out before the announcement… the poor line members are going to get it in the neck.

  7. Cheers great info thanks for taking time to create this utube video. Just found your utube videos thru a friend in eve. Deffently very informative. Will be back to watch more. Your work is appreciated. Please keep doing it.