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The most versatile weapons in Eve Online are combat drones. The nature of all the drones can get complicated – in this short guide let’s explain them. Looking to learn PvP or a casual small gang corp? Interstellar Booty Hunters are recruiting!
Eve Message: Maximillian Bonaparte
or find in-game chat channel Booty Tiki Bar – there you will find discord link and people to talk to!


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  1. I had no idea there were drones in EO. Now I feel bad for not looking into it more. I've been trying to get into the game for years but I just don't have the time to put in.
    By the way, what's the name of the BGM playing in this video?
    EDIT: Found the song.

  2. Another tip I've used myself. A webber drone not only slows a target but also increases its signature radius just like a web module. With certain drone boat fits where you don't have space, the webber helps the optimal range of other drones to squeeze out a little more dps, though a drone computer with an optimal range script is preferable if you can fit it. I've also used web drones with missile boats as it causes missiles to apply more dmg.

    1x web drone, 3 med dmg drones is my fav with an Algos. They done miss.

    Never use more than web drone though, the effect doesn't stack (last I checked anyways).

  3. On my main, my drones engage rats attacking my mining barge automatically. On my alt however, my drones do not engage targets automatically attacking my alt's mining barge. Any idea why?
    Both have been set to aggressive and focus fire…

  4. last I checked, the game had diminishing returns on some types of EWAR drones – the webbing and target painting ones at the time

    so if you're using them to do pve , or considering using them, you may try 2 painter 3 web drones or vice versa

    it works quite nicely with a torp raven for shooting npc pirates, and who doesn't like chunking bigger damage ? you can still squeeze a flight of light combat drones in on the raven and do a 3/2 web painter or painter web split

    as a small bonus, when grinding out PVE you may notice that your drones sometimes die, and if you use t2 or faction drones this can get expensive… ewar drones are quite cheap though, so if your EWAR drone package can allow your mission ship (probably a missile one) to kill targets it otherwise couldn't track or apply damage to well enough, and losing drones is costing you a bit, you might squeeze a little more efficiency by throwing cheap ewar drones out instead of expensive t2's