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Your weekly look at the market in EVE Online:

00:00 intro
03:50 plex
11:20 minerals
29:45 PI
32:00 adv moon mats
40:55 T2 ships
55:00 T3 ships
59:10 Battleships

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  1. Looking back I agree, skill injectors (combined with unlimited multis) ruined the game. I would be ok with PLEX perhaps, if there weren't any skill injectors to buy, at best temporary skill boosters. They ruined the natural development and evolution of the game, therefore ruining our experience and sense of reward. That combined on how hard EVE is to learn, how brutal PvP is and how easy it is to loose everything you have (even in the high security systems), it's really hard to get new blood into the game.

  2. I have 9 pi and other industry alts that run on Plex. I did a year during the 400/month sale but think I would have come ahead just holding the Plex.

    I agree siege green is the current pressure behind pi prices but I expect supply side pressures before end of year.

  3. The new CRAB beacon recipe is going to drive Megacyte up even higher, IMO. Ships have never taken that much Megacyte, but this new recipe takes a lot, and it converts directly into isk when the beacon is run.

  4. The big issue with not having some mechanic like skill injectors is you create a two tier society those that have played the game for years and have the sp and those who are just starting and don't. Before skill injectors you could not grind(or pay) to catch up, which meant that new players where just stuck behind the old players and always would be. The only option I could see is maybe if they made it so a new account could have x amount of free skill points where x increases year on year but that makes alts just so op at least skill injectors are linked to the economy and the SP come from inside the sandbox. I agree its not perfect but not having a catch up mechanic isn't workable either.

  5. Can you do a video looking at the compressed ores(particularly the highsec ones) i have an idea that a lot of the trade in minerals has moved to compressed ore now as its easier to ship to null sec than the minerals.

  6. I disagree about the skill injectors ruining the game. Once you hit 80,000,000 SP, the cost to benefit drops way down to point where it doesn't make much sense to part take. Because of the way society works people come into the game and think that the bigger the ship they have somehow the "better" they are. If you are a new player and think you are Billy badass and going to skill inject into a capital ship, you are going to lose it fairly quickly. Any alliance worth their salt is not too keen on having credit card warriors amongst their ranks because this is seen as a liability. You can also character bazaar into a Titan so I definitely don't think skill injectors are to blame, if anything the game is more alive than it would be.

    I think they need to get rid of the Bounty Risk Modifier and leave it a constant 100%, the ESS is a great content generator but they need to get rid of the reserve banks. There are reserve banks with over 20 billion in them and no one is ever going to get it. People will not participate if they perceive loss or waste, because of this they also need to get rid of the ore residual loss. Players who have skilled into mining crystals and rorquals feel they have wasted their skills and players who have not have no reason to progress towards them as big blocks don't allow anything but T1 strip miners and mining drones on their moons.

    Love your video content.

  7. Thanks for this episode, though I disagree with a number of points, I am afraid. Most non-market related. 😉
    There are currently a lot of factors that, I think, are negatively effecting the player count. Some are self-inflicted by CCP – i.e. what seems to be perceived by a number of players as "content drought", price increases – while others are out of their control – e.g., general economic situation almost world-wide, northern hemisphere summer time, NE summer time during an ongoing pandemic -. Combined they are creating at the moment an almost perfect (negative) storm for EVE and CCP. Should we however expect CCP to go on the "offensive" with new content, e.g. faction warfare, in particular during these months, when players counts to dip in general, and not see CCP having to ride this out until for another month or two to then push more heavily afterwards?
    On a side note, work on the New Player Experience by CCP is important. At some point, they don't want to finish up getting the main pillars upgraded/introduced now though? Fine-tuning, polishing afterwards still is all fine and good, getting the new basics in place is taking by now rather awkwardly long (even if they are good).
    On the skill injectors I have to disagree. Getting new players into the game is going to be increasingly difficult over time once a new player realizes there is basically no way to catch up on in-game related abilities with anyone that has been playing 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, and even up to to 20 years longer than them. I think that's a MAJOR barrier of entry otherwise for new players to join the game (and having these in game is certainly not play to win [not that you claimed it would be]).

  8. The Zarmazd Triglavian logistics cruiser: I flew past one the other day and did not know what it was. The double consonant "zd" threw me as I thought a player had named something in my Overview. I had to look it up. With ~360 ships in the game, sometimes you never see certain ships for years.

  9. For a single piece of content I'd really like to see a set of pirate destroyers. It really makes little sense to me that a pirate nation can produce a dreadnaught or titan even, but they have none of their own specialized destroyers. Even a set of pirate battlecruisers would be great new ship content after that.

  10. I really appreciate your opinions usually, but I believe you are wrong with your Skill Injector "Hate". I think, in 2022, and even when they where introduced, the gaming market changed. No player these days is willingly sitting weeks or months for a single skill on station anymore, like we did in the early 2000's. It's a different market, and alot of the "punishing" methods from the early days are simply not transportable into todays gamers mentality.
    As an example, in todays gaming world, i would be happy to have only a 50 Euro Monocle in the Ingame Stores of many games. It's simply not 2004 anymore, and EvE is compared to other games of this time still alive because we where going "with the time".

    I still believe its CCP that fails to be innovative in a long time, we are rushing from one fix of their mistakes to another fix, paired with unnecessary Graphic Updates.