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A side by side lesson comparing success in poker to success in small scale EVE PVP with CCP Rise.


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  1. Its easier to be a pirate because we can only get easy kills under gate guns? =<

    Speaking as someone who is -10 but considers himself a dedicated pvper rather than a pirate i think it kinda sucks how absolutely everything is stacked against us (especially on the small scale)

  2. I think promoting ripping people off is not the way to go. If people have to steal from other people to really get isk the game needs to revamped. PvP is definitly the core of the game but who wants to go rat for 10 hours to go loose a ship 30 minutes after looking for a fight. Clearly the game is designed for you to loose isk and now promoting to kill and loot other people to make real isk in game…..and ccp wonders why it only has 500k players.