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Retrieve the G.E.C.K.


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  1. This fuckin quest is anoying wtf I’ve gone in a circle and getting around that gate was a problem then you finally go around and just to me in a circle dude wtf is the vault 88 bullshit fuckin quest

  2. I had to slow down the walk through because speeding it up made it kind of hard to follow, especially scenes where you're fighting mutants and running around but thanks for the walk through!

  3. Not gonna lie, doing this quest traversing Vault 87 with Broken Steel installed and being around lvl 27 on Hard, man you’d be having the time of your life, not sure if Super Mutant Overlords still appear at low levels but yeah, moral is this quest on Hard at high levels, bring some companions and release fawkes if it’s a little too much (I still did cause I like him as a companion)