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Storyline : I was Flying with my shuttle when i was attacked by Sanshas. My ships engines were damaged and i had to land on this strange planet. In this new world i am trying to repair my ship, but the resources are scarce and it might take sometime for me to fix my ship.


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  1. The Preview window in-game is indeed broken. There is a handy-dandy Ship Profile Chart on EVE Files with the ship models rendered and compared at actual size. Search for "DavikRendar" on Eve Files. Turns out the Gallente Shuttle is actually 50m long. Also, the Rifter is 53m.

  2. @eltigrelid … and a Rifter should be larger than a shuttle, because if you compare the actual models, they are. In-game 'preview' window's lengths are not to be trusted, as the maker of this video has done. There are better references for the lengths of ships out there. According to better sources, Rifter should be 53m and Gallente Shuttle should be 50m. Minmatar Shuttle's apparently 24m, Caldari 66m, Amarr 33m. This from a chart that has the latest version of the Scorp, plus Tech 3 cruisers.

  3. @wingzero890 Don't think that's what's being argued here, really… While they are big, shuttles are arguably the smallest, generally smaller than frigates (but not always, as I've found out). Apparently @davelantor made his shuttle nearly twice the size it should be, since he based his build on the erroneous in-game preview windows, which time and again specify lengths that make no sense.

  4. For those interested in an up-to-date scale chart image for EVE Ships, check out Davik Rendar's EVE Files folder. There's files with filenames similar to 'EVE-ships-Tyrannis' with this information. The subcaps one is probably recommended, since it won't have so much space taken up by the more massive capital ships… unless you're interested in seeing that, anyway.

  5. @MB0016 Actually, according to Davik Rendar's scales, the Raven's 730m. However, the in-game viewer lists the Raven and the Rokh as the same length, which is preposterous. Rokh is quite a bit longer, at just over a kilometer (1007m).

  6. @palidan99 or frigates are bigger then you think 😀
    or people are smaller … but anyhow, for a ship that can last in space for infinite time and can bend the space and time around it … i think it shouldn't be that small
    After all, while looking at the preview, judging from the windows at the side (under the wing) .. one can tell there must be around 3 decks of height.
    And never forget, its a Gallente thing to build big 😛 *compensating

  7. I just built a Gallente Shuttle using this one as reference, I think it turned out pretty good! When I tried the zeppelin mod on it I got SSOOOOOO much lag!!! I still don't know what to do with that top room though, I made a couch in it using 3 wooden stairs and two signs then decorated the room with paintings. Maybe I could make a recording of my ship and put it on YouTube sometime!

  8. About a month ago I had begun construction on a drake to watch over my peaceful world. After completion and detailing, the ship was so huge it took 30 seconds to sprint from the shield emmiters to the thrusters, so large it barely fit in maximum render distance when on the ground. You can imagine the excitement I felt, and also the dissappointment when I found out 180 blocks in length was only 1/3rd scale… So now I am making a 1:1 that is 534 blocks in length. Its fricken big…