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Just something I put together for fun as my tribute to all the miners and industrialists who play Eve Online. Without whom none of us would have anything to fire or anything to fire at.

This song is a lament for those of us struggling to make a living in New Eden.

I realise not everyone plays Eve and knows the terminology so hers’s an explanation.

Roids = asteroids. the things we mine.
Orca = mining support vessel.
Jita = Eve’s main trade hub. Think London, New York, or the back of someone’s car in the pub car park.
ganks = gankers. i.e. players who will attack another player en masse.
.2 rat = low security system, asteroid belt pirate. (you see now why we prefer “rat”)
PI = Planetary Interaction. The fruitless pursuit by which you spend several hundred million moneys, to get a return of several hundred million moneys less. (minus tax).
POS = Player owned starbase. They need fuel, poor people like me try and make it for them. Sometimes it’s the only contact we have with rich people.

Hope that explains everything. 😀


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  1. Ah, a song for all those of us who try to make a living by a bit of honest labor… and guarding it from those who like to shoot at anything!  Great voice and video, thanks m8 for posting this.