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Null Sec Better Than Wormhole Exploration? | EVE Online

After having a disappointing time searching for data and relic sites in Wormhole (WH) space; I decided to take my exploration fit astero and needlejack filament into Null sec and see what its like there.
Without giving the video away it went well and I even managed to find a ghost site and a contested/besieged covert research facility (I think lol).
The real question though is which is better, Wormhole Space or Null Sec Space? Where can you make the most money (ISK)?

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  1. Always bring a mobile depot with you. If you get into a sticky situation anchor the mobile depot, put the loot in and bookmark then come back in an interceptor to pick it up.

  2. I Play Eve for 2 mouths now, and i come out of wormholes with 100 to 150 mil and Im just an alpha in a Imicus, why don't you use a mobile depo for better and faster scanning and after that refit for data or relic hack, and put a cargo scanner so you know what value cans have before you hack them.

  3. For those of you looking in the comments for more information: Sansha's Relic sites are the most profitable, followed by Guristas. Serpentis take a distant third, and Blood Raiders/Angels are almost guaranteed to not be worth your time. Its significantly better to re-roll another filament and get into one of the top 3 pirate faction spaces.

    In my experience, WH exploration can still be very good, however anything that connects to high sec is almost guaranteed to be worthless as it will be overfarmed. The way wormholes work is that there is a network of systems, and each system will have a "static" wormhole leading to a specific area, plus some additional random spawns. A lot of the wormholes you find in high sec will indeed have a high sec static wh, meaning even though that specific hole has only been around your system for a few hours, it has a constant connection to high sec, and therefore all of the explorers out there are finding it every day and clearing it of sites.

    Your best chance is to either A) go into low sec to find your wh from there, or even better, B) filament out into null sec and probe down a wh out there instead (while finding relic sites along the way too). You will be far more likely to find a wh with a static null connection that is relatively untouched compared to its high and low sec static counterparts. You specifically want the ones that say "unknown space", and NOT anything that says "dangerous" or "deadly" unknown space. Regular unknown wormholes are C1-3, and are the ones that spawn faction data/relic sites. C4 can very rarely, but c5 and c6 do not at all. C1-3 is your best chance to find a good wormhole with a lot of sites you can run and a lot of isk. From there, probe down the wh chain until you find your high/low sec exit, and head home with your delicious loot.

  4. Hey! I love your vids. However, I would have preferred if you showed the deepscan on-screen so we can see what you're talking about when you make comments like "oh it's just a <ship type>" and "still at 14… not at 5…"

    it's easier to follow your thinking process if we can see what you're talking about. You don't even have to say what you're thinking in these random moments (although, that would be even better!). Just helps to have the visual aid.

    Great stuff though — you're getting me into the parts of EVE that I've always shied away from before.

  5. Thank you for the video it was a very good instructional video until the end, when ok we got loot but you did not show us how to get out safely. Maybe I'm mistaken but what I saw was a step by step instruction on how to get to null sec and colllect loot, but a just go here and try this to get out…

  6. very lucky with that ghost site, I jumped in this one the other day: Superior Serpentis Covert Research Facility

    I scanned all cans with T2 scanner (like 12sec), did the first can under like 20 sec, and on my way to a second one rats warped in and blew me up

    I'm never even going for 2 cans next time, just 1 and out

  7. I have no clue if the sites you did with the toxic gas are all the same, but I JUST did that EXACT one last night lol undocked the gate and everything. The place where you warped to for the crates even looks exactly the same. But I doubt it was the same place in space, right? Lol