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soul crushing capitalism is more fun when you can blow spaceships up with it


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  1. Been playing Eve-O since 2009. The items are not actually worth anything. But you can equate the in-game value to irl value because you can give money to CCP (the developers) for in-game cash. You cannot, however, do the reverse (legally).

  2. I feel like having 2 or 3 accounts would make you a ton. You talk shit on one account then take the bounty on another account. Both alts as you then move the funs to you're main and keep you're scheme hidden from people

  3. i dont understand, if your using real money to buy isk for ships and etc then i cost money, but if you have a corp who mines, runs mission, data site whatever for the corp then you should have so much isk. now if you pvp corp who does nothing but pvp with 50/50 change of making money then yea ur fcked cuz thats dumb af

  4. I was part of the Northern Associates boom running destroyer fleets. After it crashed I threw my hands up and walked away. Turned into a second job and really took the fun out of it for me.

  5. Best part is how "entertaining" the videos are but the actual game is pretty trash. And unless you have a few 100k+ saved up you won't accomplish shit. Either that or already know people who know people. But getting into now a days and being poor just ain't happening.

  6. Did you really low key hint the rising in game tax of EVE Online was bc of Joe Biden LMAO…. probably also the reason Cyberpunk was a disaster right? SMH, nah we dont want real world politics in our youtube vids about video games