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EVE Fanfest brings EVE Online, EVE: Valkyrie, and Gunjack players and developers together for an incredible three-day gathering in beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland full of presentations, tournaments, hands-on demos, developer roundtables, parties, pub crawls, and community camaraderie.

The entirety of Fanfest will be livestreamed at (including tons of stream giveaways) beginning on Thursday April 21, and presentations will be made available on YouTube ASAP thereafter on this channel.

To learn more about this one-of-a-kind gaming event, visit
To learn more about EVE Online, visit

Huge thanks to the following people for making this happen:
– Sindel Pellion
– Bobmon
– Elise Randolph
– Max Singularity aka Space Pope
– Bobmon
– Nashh Kadavr and the EVE_NT team
– Holger Luettgen and G-fleet team
– CCP Leeloo and many other devs

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  1. Well, for one it is a place where the self-confessed leader of the Goons brags about making psychiatric patients want to kill themselves, then laughs about it and then has eve co-players and CCP executives laugh about it. And CCP then take this at face value, despite it being a crime in this guys home country and CCP does NOT suspend his in-game character. Because that's what the Eve EULA says – you lose your character when you commit crimes in-game.

    Because CCP is afraid of the guy. So they sweat up a storm and laugh along with the psychopath segment of their client base.

  2. Hopefully there will be more information about the reincarnation of Dust than a recap of the original game and a few pretty pictures. After two years of silence, they'll need to show a lot to make this project relevant again. More details = a less salty and more satisfied playbase.