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  1. I guess this is just unrealistic, but their total lack of acknowledgement regarding 2-3 years of 0 new content, then raising prices, then holding FanFest with nothing new to offer. And just NO acknowledgement?

  2. NOTHING BIG 0 , that what happened oh and some corona cases , CCP is tryng to pull fast one on new players to make them cow cashes ,but sadly for CCP it is not working , day by day there is less players online new and old ones , less and lees omega accounts . But hey all is ok ,important thing on "fan fest" is that we cud se hours of past of eve and self praise of CCP how they are "WORKIN ON IT" .Discrace ,greedy dirty parasit is what CCP has become , they had game that cud pull in hundreads of thousands of players if they "LISEND PLAYERS OF EVE" but no cash , greed and info from sociopats that are in eve counts more ,who cares if 10 000 players says that something is wrong if 2 sociopats say that all is ok then CCP will go with sociopats . I give to EVE till end of year to fix things in HUGE way or they will not have next year probably . Cos you know "DESTRUCTION IS PREFERABLE "

  3. I play both EvE and SC. For me EvE is a complete and very stable game you subscribe to that has from my vantage point very little new to explore and a declining population. SC is not complete nor likely to be for another 10 yrs, has gorgeous fidelity, new mechanics, ships and content added quarterly, a growing population and no monthly cost. So far 5 people in my EvE corp or alliance have started playing. Here is an example of SC content created only by players entirely in game

  4. we really aren't surprised with fanfest. it was just more of the same old thing from ccp. it's the shills asking us to expect more of them or giving them cover that's a tad irksome because, (even though we expect their pie-in-the-sky, this-time-will-be-different, fake exuberance), they have nothing to gain from shilling.