Monthly Economic Report – April 2021


The Economic Report for the month of april 2021 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

You can download all of the raw data used in this report here. As always, each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

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0 produced.vs.destroyed

1 regional.stats

2 destruction.value.by.region bar

2 destruction.value.by.region

3 mining.value.by.region bar

3 mining.value.by.region

3 npc.bounties.by.region bar

3 npc.bounties.by.region

4 production.value.by.region bar

4 production.value.by.region

5 trade.balance.m3.by.region

5a trade.balance.by.region

6 trade.value.by.region bar

6 trade.value.by.region barforge

6 trade.value.by.region

6a contract.trade.value.by.region bar

7 imports exports

8 net exports

9a sinksfaucets

9a1 top commodity faucets over time

9aa services breakdown

9aaa top sinks faucets over time

9b isk.float.3

9c velocity

9d economy.indices.short

9d economy.indices

9ea index.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

9eb index.value.decomp.ConsumerPriceIndex

9fa index.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

9fb index.value.decomp.MineralPriceIndex

9ga index.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

9gb index.value.decomp.PrimaryProducerPriceIndex

9ha index.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

9hb index.value.decomp.SecondaryProducerPriceIndex

destroyed value (sqrt)

peak concurrent players

stargate jumps