Omega + Free Rattlesnake SKIN

Decorated Capsuleers,

One of EVE Online’s best offers just got even more appealing. From 27 to 31 May 2021, Capsuleers will now receive the beautiful Rattlesnake King’s Ransom Luecin SKIN with a purchase of one month of Omega, for no extra charge.

This rare SKIN is a beautiful way to show off your status and immaculate taste as you cruise the Cluster, bringing even more value to one of our most popular Omega packages.

Omega gives you unlimited access to skills and double training speed, as well as an infinite skill queue. You’ll also have unfettered access to all of EVE’s ship tree and the contract system, plus more weapons and modules. Finally, you’ll also be able to start exporting from planetary colonies, all whilst looking amazing with this incredible offer.