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  • Black Friday – Up to 25% Off PLEX

    Black Friday – Up to 25% Off PLEX

    Bargain-hunting Capsuleers,

    As Black Friday nears, New Eden’s pilots will soon be able to take advantage of several limited-time Black Friday deals – with up to 25% off select PLEX packages, some of which include eye-catching free SKINs!

    There will also be daily rewards available, and a special offer on hand-picked Omega and MCT packages over in the New Eden Store. All Black Friday offers are available from 11:00 UTC on 25 November until 11:00 UTC on...
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  • 10% off Foreman, Destroyer & Black Ops Packs

    10% off Foreman, Destroyer & Black Ops Packs

    Thrifty Capsuleers,

    You can now get 10% off the specialist Foreman, Destroyer, and Black Ops Packs in the EVE Store, but only until 11:00 UTC on 10 October! In addition, you have until 14 October to get your hands on the new Glass Semiotique monocle to customize your character, available now in EVE Online’s New Eden Store.

    The Black Ops Pack includes 6 months of Omega, 2860 PLEX, half a million Skill Points, 6 months of Multiple character training, awesome...
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