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  • Introducing Print on-Demand Merch!

    Introducing Print on-Demand Merch!

    Fabulous Capsuleers,

    We are happy to announce the launch of print-on-demand merchandise for EVE, bringing you all better access to all sorts of fantastic gear as we pave the road toward a much broader variety of available designs and goods!

    Kicking things off, we will be offering T-shirts of various fits, zip-up hoodies, and water bottles, ready to be emblazoned with a variety of empire and pirate faction designs, as well as certain ship collections and other...
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  • Introducing the Community Beat!

    Introducing the Community Beat!

    <p>Sociable Capsuleers,  </p>

    <p>As vast and varied as the world of New Eden is, the EVE Online community is just as diverse. Between the EVE Forums, subreddits, Discord communities, podcasts, streams, and news sites, the amount of information to be navigated and consumed can be truly head-spinning. To celebrate the EVE community and help you find your way in this crazy, wild, wonderful world, we’re introducing a new bi-weekly piece: <em>_The...
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  • Introducing Quasar

    Introducing Quasar

    Tuesday, 14 September 2021, is a significant flash point which represents the end of an era and the access to powerful opportunities for EVE Online. Lost in the bright lights of the new NPE and tucked under the pixels of Skill Plans reverberates a fundamental change in how EVE Online moves into the future.

    The last time the networking layer was fundamentally changed was in 2011 with the introduction of CCP’s IOCP implementation, “CarbonIO”, which eventually became the foundation...
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