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  • The Second Timer in M2-XFE

    The Second Timer in M2-XFE

    On Saturday 2 January, both sides of the months-long nullsec war in New Eden gathered for another showdown in the system of M2-XFE. The fight was supposed to be a follow up to the biggest Titan clash in EVE’s history, which occurred just two days prior. This battle did not unfold the way anyone expected it to. A large proportion of the attacking side experienced in-game issues, which resulted in devastating losses for them.

    Unprecedented War, Unprecedented

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  • The Massacre at M2-XFE

    The Massacre at M2-XFE

    A Clash of Titans

    The largest war in EVE (and video game) history had been raging for months and tensions were building. The two sides of the conflict each possessed the largest supercapital forces in New Eden and a large scale confrontation felt inevitable as the battle lines pushed closer, the fighting grew bloodier, and each battle became more critical to each side's success, survival or morale.

    On December 30th 2020 this tension finally came to a spectacular...
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