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  • Best SKINs of 2021

    Best SKINs of 2021

    If you’re missing some of this year’s best SKINs, a new bundle of the very best is now available to buy from the EVE Store! As well as the brand-new Thanatos Green Demons SKIN, the Best SKINs of 2021 bundle is packed with this year’s cosmetic highlights.

    Bundle contents
    • Green Demons Thanatos
    • Rockbreaker Pioneers Orca
    • Vampire’s Hex Gila
    • Vampire’s Hex Rattlesnake
    • Ghost’s Hex Orthrus
    • Ghost’s Hex Barghest
    • Hazard Control Loki
    • Ultraviolence Vortex Nyx

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  • Crown and Swords SKINS return!

    Crown and Swords SKINS return!

    In celebration of the sixth anniversary of Empress Catiz I’s coronation as Empress of the Amarr Empire, the Crown and Sword SKINs are returning to EVE Online’s New Eden Store!

    The colors and patterns of this SKIN series symbolize the Pax e Kilizhi Do, the theological foundation of the Empress’s vision for Empire’s future and her invocation of the ancient doctrine that the ruler of the Amarr Empire wields the sword of spiritual authority alongside a sword of temporal power...
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