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  • Summon The Swarm Update Live Now

    Summon The Swarm Update Live Now

    Attention Capsuleers,

    The Summon the Swarm update is now live in EVE Online, providing daring pilots with a new opportunity to earn exciting rewards!

    This update introduces a new deployable structure, the CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon - or CRAB. This new deployable is authorized for use in Low and Null security space to research local Rogue Drone activities.

    To begin its broadcast and analysis cycles, it must be powered up through the...
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  • Summon the Swarm

    Summon the Swarm

    Brave Capsuleers,

    Brace yourselves to open the portal to a new form of capital gameplay coming to New Eden! The CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon is a deployable that has been developed for use by Capsuleers to aid in the research of the increasing number of aggressive Rogue Drones appearing around the cluster.

    Taking this device into Lowsec or Nullsec will allow you to anchor it where it will attempt to scan for data on nearby Rogue Drone threats. If the scan...
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